Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the one that makes me laugh all day....

on our short ride to school today Christopher and I were talking about Cousins and what makes a cousin. I thought the convo was finished when C began pointing out the "castles" and bulldozers we passed. And then:

C: mommy
Me: yes buddy
C Ahwee has baby, I get bruder
Me: no, when mommy has baby you get a brother, when Allie has a baby you get a cousin
C: okay, no more babies for mommy. Ahwees turn, you share.
Me: well said buddy. Mommy will share. But, first Allie will meet a neat boy and get married
C: we can share daddy!!!
Me: no buddy, we don't share that!


Still laughing hours later!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! EEEEEEEEEEK! Ohhhhhh Bopher. Such wishful thinking. I like that positive outlook though. Maybe he knows something I don't? One can hope ;-)

Anonymous said...

On second thought, it just dawned on me that he was probably talking about Aunt Kreeeeesy. There has been some obvious confusion lately! Thanksgiving anyone?!?! :)

Shannon said...

nope. He said anut Ahwee and he even mentioned something about Sadie in there too. Totally knew who he was talking about.

casey koons said...

ohhhhhhhh noooooooo.
I love this boy!!!!!!