Monday, April 04, 2011

God Bless Texas!

And its beautiful blue bonnets! This is the first year we dared head out with the masses dressed just so and trampling through the fields to get the perfect shot. Our new house is about 5 minutes away from a cute little hill with the perfect setting. So we thought why not. Well, if Im being totally honest, Jonathan just agreed to play along.

Im so glad we went! I love the candid shots that show off their little personalities and relationships. While most days with 2 one-year olds and 1 two-year old can be more like a circus than anything, its afternoons (and shots like these) that excite me for the future when the closeness in age will be so much fun!

Friday, February 04, 2011

the one who has been busy and slacking...

Its been a busy month. Christmas, snotty kiddos, twins with RSV, 4 bouts of ear infections and then there is just daily life. I promise I will update with plenty of pics in the next week (once life resumes next week) Right now we are enjoying a 4 day snowfest and staying in our PJ's (mostly all day). Until next time, enjoy my sweet snow bunny who has had a blast sledding on ice and stopping in the new 10" of snow we got just today! Texas?

Friday, December 24, 2010

the two who are on the move....

Happy Nine Months babies! It's hard to believe how far you've come! The days can last forever but these last nine months have just flown by. We can't wait to see what your stats say when we take you to the Doctor on Monday! But guessing you will be moving to big boy car seats just after Christmas. Who knew 9 month olds wore 18 month clothes :) At this time, Christopher was in 6-9 month clothes.

Jackson, our big "tank". Although you are the baby of the family you make up for it in size. Only 1/2 a pound bigger than your older brother at birth, you've since been at least 3-4lbs ahead of him. You were the first to sit up, last to crawl but first to crawl to sit. You are a cuddle bug and don't give away your smiles too often....making the people work for it :) You love to laugh at your big brother and you love to play! Such a great sleeper and eater. In fact, you are soo over baby food and prefer to pick up and eat your own! You are so mild mannered but when you are ready to eat or sleep, you let everyone know. Jackson Jones you have such a sweet tender spirit!

Sweet Smiley Sutton, you are a JOY! You will talk to and laugh with anyone nearby. You are social just like your mama but look JUST like your daddy. You, although smaller than your brother are a scrapper. You take toys from and slap Jack. I'm afraid your in for it when he discovers how much bigger you are. You are amused by your doggy brothers and love puffs. You have been slow to sit, preferring to roll around but once you got up you've been moving ever since. You were the first to crawl and you are so fast! I love to watch you discover and play. Sutton Price, you are tender and sweet and joyful! We love you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

to the one born on this day....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT AHWEE!!!!!!!!! We love you more than words (mainly because 2/3 of us don't have any) Hope you liked your texted message earlier!

Christopher, Sutton and Jackson

Monday, December 13, 2010

the one who gave up her weekend....

we love you! My sweet sister gave up her weekend to spend it with me and the boys while J went hunting. I tell you, I dont know what we would do without so many family members who pour their lives into my boys....but lets face it, It also is a big help to mom!

This weekend Allie was with us from Friday night until about noon on Sunday and while I loved every minute of it, Christopher was in heaven. He got such special attention and is still talking about it. He has prayed for Allie and Sadie (her dog) for the past two nights. Just them and his brothers. Its pretty great. He went on walks, saw Christmas lights, wrestled with, play dohed, colored with and just had a great time with Aunt Ahwee.

She took this pic of C on one of their cold walks. I know why C is such a lover, he's got the greatest role models! Allie, thanks for giving of your weekend and all the times weekly that you come to play with us! I loved our grown up talks and laughs at night too!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the one that makes me laugh all day....

on our short ride to school today Christopher and I were talking about Cousins and what makes a cousin. I thought the convo was finished when C began pointing out the "castles" and bulldozers we passed. And then:

C: mommy
Me: yes buddy
C Ahwee has baby, I get bruder
Me: no, when mommy has baby you get a brother, when Allie has a baby you get a cousin
C: okay, no more babies for mommy. Ahwees turn, you share.
Me: well said buddy. Mommy will share. But, first Allie will meet a neat boy and get married
C: we can share daddy!!!
Me: no buddy, we don't share that!


Still laughing hours later!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the one who gave me 3 beautiful boys....

Happy Birthday! I love living life with you. Thank you for all you do for our family and for the Godly example you display daily for our boys. We are blessed!

I am thankful for you everyday and LOVE YOU!